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I became a Pediatrician because I like children.  As a mother of three, I realize that it’s up to us, the parents, to take care of our children through proper health care, especially during their formative years.  What we teach our children now will influence what they’ll grow up to be.  If we want a strong America in the future, we have to begin now with the health of our children. Each child is different and should be treated as an individual.  I speak to my patients at their own level in order to gain their trust and I make it a point to talk to the children as much as I talk to their parents.  I always explain the treatment, how it will affect the patient, and what we hope to accomplish with it.  I advocate an early awareness of good health maintenance, including persona hygiene, exercise, and proper diet.  For adolescents and teenagers, I emphasize the need to be responsible for one’s own health, stressing the importance of self-exams, drug and alcohol awareness, and sex education.  I also encourage them to cultivate hobbies and outside interests in order t take their minds off negative peer pressure.  By offering anticipatory guidance I hope to eliminate health problems in advance, as wall as to prepare parents for what to expect as their child grows and develops. Our children will reach their goals in life only if they have a healthy body and mind.  It’s our duty to make sure our children can get the best start possible by teaching them the proper lifestyle that will enhance and preserve their good health

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